SPNet++: Changing the model

After completing all the prep work I was ready to make the jump and to modify the code to use the new model instead of the earlier proposed one that SPNet++ is based on.

The core of the change was to replace this code:

v' = 0.04 * v * v + 5 * v + 140 - u + I
u' = a * (b * v - u)

with after spike resetting:

if v >= 30mV then v = c; u = u + d

where variable v represents the membrane potential of the neuron, u represents a membrane recovery variable, I is the input current, and a, b, c, and d are model parameters.

The code above was to be replaced with this (very similar) code:

v' = (k * (v - vr) * (v - vt) - u + I) / C
u' = a * (b * (v - vr) - u)

with after spike resetting:

if v >= vpeak then v = c; u = u + d

where v is the membrane potential, u is the recovery current, C is the membrane capacitance, vr is the resting membrane potential, vt is the instantaneous threshold potential, vpeak is the spike cut-off value, a is the recovery time constant, c is the voltage reset value, and d is the total amount of outward minus inward currents activated during the spike and affecting the after-spike behavior. Though it looks like the model has ten parameters, it is equivalent to the previous version of this model shown above and hence it has only four independent parameters (Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience: The Geometry of Excitability and Bursting, pp.161-3, 296)

While this change was easy, there were three other parameters, for which I didn't know what values to use: the input current and the default synaptic strength for excitatory and inhibitory neurons. After playing with various values for these parameters I finished with this result, which I'm not satisfied with as it only remotely resembles the diagram generated by the old code (also generated for the network of 1000 randomly connected neurons). Not sure which one is correct, though.

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