The most enthusiastic entrepreneur

I participated in the 6th Annual Science and Technology Showcase organized by UW SEBA organization. This was an opportunity to present and discuss a project or technology with potential to start a company. The event included a poster presentation to 10 judges and a one minute pitch to the group of judges and students (about 150-200 people). My presentation was about the project I have been working on for the past 9 months on developing a robot, software, and educational materials to help middle- and high-school students learn science working on projects with friends. I didn't get the main prize ($1000), but did get a cash prize for the most enthusiastic entrepreneur.

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I am Paul Kulchenko.
I live in Kirkland, WA with my wife and three kids.
I do consulting as a software developer.
I study robotics and artificial intelligence.
I write books and open-source software.
I teach introductory computer science.
I develop a slick Lua IDE and debugger.