Neural Modeling: Getting Visual

Out of several options I looked at for visualizing results of a simulation OpenGL/GLUT combination looks the most promising. In additional to being able to see the simulation in real-time, I'd also like to have the following:

  • Network activity; firings per second; separate for inh and exc neurons? separate for different types of neurons?
  • Neuron connections and delays; would show incoming/outgoing connections and their delays; spike propagation
  • Neuron activity; would include the input current (I), the recovery current (u), and the membrane potential (v); would generate something similar to this digram only in real-time
  • Synaptic weights; would show current and previous value of all synaptic connections (incoming, outgoing, or both?) of a neuron
  • Neuron properties; to view/edit properties of individual neurons
  • Neural complexes; to research polychronous groups

Neural Viewer already provides most of what I need (it also has help, comments, console, and network selection screens), but, unfortunately, the source code for it is not available.

To implement this in OpenGL/GLUT in addition to some basic functions I would need to at least know the following:

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