2 years 1 week

Andrey is playing with his older brother, Daniil, who is 10 years old. Daniil is asking him to say words (in Russian) -- "say, water; say, pipe; say, boat" -- and Andrey is repeating those words after his older brother. Now it's Andrey's turn: "say, (then after a 3 second delay, mimicking his brother) ...lamp; say, (after looking around) ...room; say, ...car" (much to our surprise as there wasn't any car around him). It looked like he was thinking about what to ask next and was doing search in his memory.

Overall, Andrey appears to be very proficient with words. He can easily say 4-syllable words, 4-5 word sentences, requests like "louder" (when listening to music in a car) and descriptions like "the smallest" (showing a small toy he is playing with).

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