ZeroBrane application for small business grant

ZeroBrane LLC, the company behind ZeroBrane Studio, has applied for a small business grant from Chase. We now need 250 votes to get to the second round where applications are being considered by a panel of judges and would appreciate your help.

Please cast your vote and spread the word to help us be considered for the grant! The grant will allow us to provide more educational content, enable collaborative editing, add version control integration, and more.

The voting is only available through Facebook Connect; if you don't see your vote accepted, try enabling popups and disabling Facebook filters you may have. Thank you!

You should get a copy of my slick ZeroBrane Studio IDE.


Beautiful merge of cool IDE with educational concepts.

Igor, thank you! Good to see you here...

Pasha, it is a very necessary and useful thing. You help to many developers.

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