ZeroBrane Studio LuaJIT, Lua5.2 and luasocket changes

The latest version of ZeroBrane Studio includes several recent updates: LuaJIT is now a default interpreter instead of Lua 5.1, Lua 5.2 is included for all supported platforms (just select "Lua 5.2" from the list of interpreters), and luasocket has been upgraded to v3.0.

Note that "normal" Lua5.1 interpreter is no longer included, but as before you can continue using the IDE to debug your Lua 5.1 applications (you can also use your own Lua 5.1 interpreter if you want).

LuaJIT is compiled with LUAJIT_ENABLE_LUA52COMPAT, which enables some of Lua5.2 features (see this link for details) and allows to do syntax checks for "goto" and other features. The local console is using LuaJIT as well.

All these changes are going to be included in the coming release (0.39), so please report any issues or incompatibilities you notice.

Note that while Lua 5.2 (and luasocket compiled against Lua 5.2) are included, you may still run into issues if you debug your own Lua 5.2 applications that statically link the interpreter (at least on Windows). The reason for that is that when you load luasocket, it loads lua52.dll and you end up with multiple VMs (and may get "PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (multiple Lua VMs detected)" message). There are (at least) two ways to resolve this: (1) compile luasocket into your app the same way you include lua interpreter itself; you won't need anything else except one mobdebug.lua file to debug your app, or (2) use proxy dll; it will look like lua52.dll, but will actually proxy your calls to your statically compiled lua library, avoiding problems with multiple VMs. The proxy dll is for Lua 5.1, but you can tweak the script to make it work for Lua 5.2. See this SO answer for related discussion.

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