Debugging on Vera devices with ZeroBrane Studio

ZeroBrane Studio has already been used to debug Lua in various applications, from game engines to medical systems. Several months ago one of the ZeroBrane Studio users asked if it would be possible to debug Lua application running on Vera home automation devices. It turned out to be possible, but not trivial and I decided to release this integration as a separate product that allows Vera users to debug their Lua applications while they are running on Vera devices.

These devices look like network routers with additional functionality to control various devices and access sensors using z-wave protocol. This integration allows you to write a Lua script that may start a sprinkler system at a specific time, but only if it wasn't raining that day. Or to turn lights on when a motion detector is triggered. Or to turn the heating system on before you come home. You can probably come up with many other interesting uses that are only limited by the devices you may have (and your budget).

As you can see in the demo (you may want to switch to 720p for better quality), ZeroBrane Studio for Vera allows Vera users to not only debug their Lua scripts, but also provides auto-complete for luup (Lua Universal PnP API) calls, ability to upload files and download logs, restart the Lua engine and some other device-specific functions.

The documentation page for the project provides links to Vera resources and detailed descriptions for debugging of Lua scripts started the IDE and scripts in plugins and scenes that are triggered from the device itself.

You should get a copy of my slick ZeroBrane Studio IDE.


Hi,How to get the Vera interpreter?

@Blanc, you can buy and download it here: Paul

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