Gideros live coding with ZeroBrane Studio

Andy Bower did an amazing thing. He took Gideros SDK, ZeroBrane Studio, and inspiration from Bret Victor's Inventing on principle talk and created a wonderful live coding demo running on a real device. Some of you might have seen my short demonstrations of live coding in Lua and Löve2d using ZeroBrane Studio, but Andy went way beyond what was shown previously.

See it for yourself (you may need to switch the video to 720p/HD to see the code being typed):

What's remarkable about it is that Andy goes in front of your eyes from a white background to a simple yet funny application running on a real device in less than 25 minutes. Even more remarkably, all the tools (including his code) are available to you to play with. Integration with Gideros in ZeroBrane Studio that adds debugging and auto-complete support will be included in the next version, but you can still access it today from GitHub is available starting from version 0.33.

You should get a copy of my slick ZeroBrane Studio IDE.


What software is it necessary to do that? Does it work on the new iPad mini?

isola, you'd need to have ZeroBrane Studio and Gideros; Andy's post has more details on what he used to run this and make the screencast. I'm not sure if Gideros supports iPad mini, but as long as it does, you should be able to run Andy's demo on it.

Can't find gideros bridge executable in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Gideros\Tools'. error when trying to launch ZBS

How can I solve this ? Thanks


@Scott, you should have "gdrbridge.exe" in that folder that ZeroBrane Studio needs to launch Gideros projects. Do you have that file (it comes as part of Gideros installation)?

Also, the error shouldn't happen when you launch ZBS; it would only be shown when you launch Gideros projects from ZBS.

hmm, it seems i am unable to reproduce what andy did. do you have a sample project that we can download and just see how it goes without much to edit? i dont know if this is too much to ask. and it seems andy use old zero brane here

@anonymous, the code that Andy was using should be in his repository: He indeed used an earlier version of ZBS, but it shouldn't make much of a difference to reproduce what he was doing. I have a simple project with 40 lines or so that demonstrates how live coding works with Gideros. Would posting it help?

@paul It will help, at least for me. The problem with bowerhaus is that his code in repo isn't complete(missing file in project).

Small & simple project to just get it running will be good.

thank you

@anonymous, I posted instructions with a simple project. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

Is it possible to use ZBS to do live coding on Linux with a Gideros/Wine installation? It appears that modifying the interpreters/gideros.lua file could do the trick, but I wasn't able to make sense of it. Any pointers would be appreciated.


@dude; this is most likely not going to work. If you want to run ZBS on Linux, but debug Gideros app running in simulation, you will probably run into two issues: (1) the paths in two environments won't match (z:\home\dude... vs. /home/dude/...) and there is currently no cross-platform mapping in the debugger (although this is something I'm working on), and (2) the interpreter will need to be modified to start windows processes through wine.

It seems that a simpler way would be to run both ZBS and Gideros through wine. I haven't tested the integration, but could run ZBS in wine without issues.

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