ZeroBrane Studio Bug Bounty

[Update 10/18/2013] The bounty was for a specific issue with ZeroBrane Studio IDE (as documented below) and not for any problem related to this website.

[Update 10/04/2013] The bounty has been withdrawn as the issue appears to be fixed. If you can still reproduce it with the current master, please leave a comment.

Bug bounty programs are nothing new; Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and many others use them to find security vulnerabilities and bugs (and these program are reported to be cost effective). There has been an issue in ZeroBrane Studio that have been bugging me for almost two months, so I decided to offer a bounty for it.

I offer $250 dollars to the first person who can figure out what's causing the bug and I'll add $150 if you can provide a fix for it (so $400 USD total for a fix), payable via PayPal or as an Amazon giftcard. All the source code for ZeroBrane Studio is available on github and the code for wxwidgets and wxlua is available as well.

The details of the crash as well as associated stack traces are available in this ticket. Please use the ticket for discussion.

The bug only happens under Windows 7 64bit. I have received several reports of the same crash happening on different computers, all running Windows 7 64bit. I also have several users who use the same system, but have never experienced this crash. The crash most likely happens when typing text and is likely to be related to auto-complete, but I have so far been unable to reproduce it.

There are some strange things showing up on the stack trace that I've discussed with John Labenski (the author of wxlua). I can provide wx.dll built with debug information (it's rather large, 186M) or you can build one yourself using this build script (run it as bash wxwidgets lua wxlua debug). Note that you don't need to build anything else and can run ZeroBrane Studio from a cloned repository.

The fix has to include code that can be applied to ZeroBrane Studio or upstream (wxlua or wxwidgets) to eliminate the issue. The bounty will not be awarded if it is illegal to do so.

You should get a copy of my slick ZeroBrane Studio IDE.


Hint: the auto-complete-crash also occurs in Max-OSX 10.8.4

@Helmut, do you have a way to reproduce it or a stack trace? Is it on the latest master? There were several defects that could lead to a hang during auto-complete, but no known crash defects and I could not reproduce this on OSX even once. If you have more details, please email them to me (the address is at the very bottom of this page).