ZeroBrane Studio is one year old

About a year ago I released the first public version of ZeroBrane Studio. I would like to use this opportunity and thank many people who helped with this project and made it so much fun.

I'd like to first thank Christoph Kubisch who worked on Estrela Editor that ZeroBrane Studio originated from and continued contributing to ZBS. Thanks to the Kepler project for their work on RemDebug that MobDebug originated from, which is at the core of many capabilities that ZeroBrane Studio provides. I'd like to thank my son, Daniil Kulchenko for his feedback and his help with Linux and OSX builds.

I'd like to thank many users for their feedback, support, and contributions (including payments for ZBS). I'd like to thank those who helped with patches, improvements, and their time to test changes. This is an incomplete list in no particular order:

  • Srdjan Markovic for Corona auto-complete support and Zenburn color scheme.
  • Roland Yonaba for French translation.
  • Leo Bartoloni for Italian translation.
  • Inigo Sola for Spanish translation.
  • toiffel for Russian translation, Linux/OSX/Windows CMake-based launcher build, and several patches.
  • Fringale for spec and API files cleanup and update for Lua 5.2.
  • Marcel van Herk for assistance with scratchpad break/resume functionality.
  • Andy Bower and Atilim Cetin for their assistance with Gideros integration and live coding.
  • Jonathan Shieh for his work on project navigation and user settings.
  • Aidar Rakhmatullin for his help with unicode support on Windows.
  • John Labenski for his help with wxlua fixes and builds.
  • Students in the introductory computer science class I taught last summer for stress-testing the IDE. How else would I find out that the system had an issue with single quotes or exclamation marks in file names?

Release candidate for v0.34

The current snapshot on github is also a release candidate for v0.34; the list below summarized the changes that happened over the course of the past year:

Current master that will become v0.34

v0.33 (Oct 22 2012)

  • Added Linux support.
  • Added Moai auto-complete.
  • Added Gideros debugging, auto-complete, and live coding.
  • Added syntax aware indentation.
  • Added re/storing open files and interpreter when switching project folders.

v0.32 (Sep 03 2012)

  • Added Unicode support for file encoding and file paths on Windows.
  • Added Moai integration and debugging.
  • Added display of complex values on multiple lines in shell with '='.
  • Added support for coroutine debugging with stepping through coroutine.resume/.yield calls.

v0.31 (Jul 14 2012)

  • Added scratchpad support for love2d.
  • Added MacOS support.

v0.30 (Jun 27 2012)

  • Added love2d support.
  • Added support for debugging processes running under LuaJIT.
  • Added display of hierarchical data in Stack window.
  • Added pretty printing in Watch and Console (local and remote) windows.
  • Added Stack window to display stack information and local/upvalue values.
  • Added ability to interact with scripts by allowing text to be entered in the 'Output' window.

v0.29 (May 31 2012)

  • Added scratchpad (running live) functionality.
  • Added code analyzer based on lua-inspect.

v0.28 (Mar 21 2012)

  • Added full screen mode.

v0.27 (Feb 14 2012)

  • Added markup formatting in comments.

Please let me know if you come across any issues with the current version as it's going to be released in two days.

You should get a copy of my slick ZeroBrane Studio IDE.


Well, happy birthday ZeroBrane Studio! And congrats Paul for releasing 0.34. : )

Thanks Fringale! And thank you for all your help!

Hi, thanks for the great product! I was wandering if there is any guide or tutorial about the new Corona SDK debugging feature? Thank ypu so much!

Well done Paul, what a breath of fresh air. After using for a couple of hours I went back and paid $24 and felt even better :-)

@doctorbling, thank you for the feedback and the support!

@BabySparkle, most definitely. I plan to do a guide and a screencast together, but has been postponing it for too long. Almost done...

@BabySparkle, just posted a screencast on Corona SDK debugging and live coding.

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